Pink Floyd: Is There Anybody Out There? (guitar lesson / chords)

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Is There Anybody Out There, Pink Floyd
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Chords - Is there anybody out there?

Here is a bit of trivia for you:  the original song on Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” was played by classical guitarist Ron di Blasin.

David Gilmour was not entirely comfortable with his fingerstyle technique and was pressed to meet deadlines in the studio.  As such, he didn’t play it on the album.

David did play it *live* however during the ill-fated “The Wall” tour in 1980.  Check out the bootleg on Youtube.  Gilmour gives a smile at the end of the song as if to say “I nailed it” – which he did.

The haunting siren-like sound at the beginning of the studio version was created by Gilmour playing backwards-wired “wah-way” pedal.

On to the lessons…

Lesson by instructor #1  – Great and concise …

Lesson Version #2 – Lots of camera angles helps…



Here’s a great acoustic cover by Bloggermouth…



And Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” performance from 1980…


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